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Backyard Landscape Design Trends for Your Family in 2023

Backyard Landscape Design
November 18, 2021

As we enter the new decade, homeowners are eager to improve their outdoor spaces so that they can enjoy the outdoors throughout the steamy dry season. When you want to relax outside or entertain visitors, make your outdoor areas pleasant and comfortable with chairs and warm neutral lighting.

So, if you want to spend more time outside and go on a landscaping and gardening journey, look no further. Here are a few trends to keep an eye out for.

Backyard Landscape Design Trends for Your Family

We all got a chance to evaluate and even dream of upgrading our yards into outdoor living areas we can enjoy and be proud of during the long year we had in 2023, where we spent a lot more time at home.

Landscape design, like anything else, has numerous trends, and we'd like to highlight five that have recently been on the increase and have converted our backyards into holiday "getaways."

#1. Low Maintenace Lawns

Homeowners desire a lovely outdoor environment without the burden of care. Low care lawns have been popular for some time and allow homeowners to spend more time doing the things they like rather than mowing the grass.

Low-maintenance turf, xeriscaping, and artificial grass have all gained popularity. While fake grass is costly, it is lifelike and soft, and you end up saving a lot of money because no water or fertilizer is required. Mowing and weeding are unnecessary, and the grass can endure for up to ten years or more.

If you want a low-maintenance lawn, another alternative is xeriscaping. It is a landscaping or gardening method that minimizes and helps you eliminate the water demand. A dry plan system is utilized, which reduces the requirement for watering.

#2. Outdoor Living Spaces

People increasingly desire to appreciate nature in their backyard. Investing in an outdoor living area is now a trendy thing to do. Spending more time outside and, in essence, is claimed to lower stress and make you feel better, in addition to its therapeutic benefits. Outdoor patios are an important gathering place for friends and family.

Make a patio out of many genuine materials to make your backyard and pool area a place where everyone loves to be. An outdoor kitchen may be the perfect feature to add a luxurious appearance to your property, from sinks to countertops and storage. In the long term, investing in an outside living space is a solid return on investment for your house.

#3. Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardens have become a popular idea, particularly among property owners in flats or tiny houses. It's the ideal approach to make the most of available space. Vertical gardens can also be used to create a barrier between two areas.

A vertical plant wall may give character to your outdoor space while also concealing an unsightly fence or area outdoors.

#4. Lighting

Having the proper lighting in your backyard is critical to having it appear and feel contemporary. Consider putting LED lights beneath pathways and steps, as well as under bridges and benches.

Outdoor chandeliers may provide a sensual touch to your dining spaces and outdoor kitchen. Installing these light lights can make your garden and pool areas seem more cosy and secure.

#5. Balcony Gardens

Outdoor living is one of the top ten landscaping design trends for 2020. More and more people are living in apartments but yet want to be connected to nature.

A balcony garden adds a touch of personality to your space. People are making greater use of tiny spaces, and a balcony garden is the perfect finishing touch.

#6. Florida-Friendly Landscape Plants

Because these plants are resilient and suited to local climatic circumstances, they require considerably less input, saving time, money, and, probably most importantly, water. In addition to requiring less water, these plants are pest-resistant and non-invasive.

Loropealum, Redbud trees, Agapanthus, Flax Lilly, Azaleas, Variegated Ginger, and Crape Myrtle, are some of our favourites.

#7. Edible Landscaping

Even a tiny yard can support a few pots of peppers, tomatoes, or rosemary, and you might be amazed at how easily one or two modest raised beds can be accommodated. With more time at home, many families invested in raised garden beds and used their outside area to return on a food investment.

Begin with a small, manageable garden and plant the vegetables and herbs you enjoy eating. We began with cucumbers and tomatoes, which are two of my favourite vegetables.

Doing your plant and seed buying locally at a helpful nursery will also guarantee that you select plants that thrive in your climate. Many customers have found the Alachua County Seed & Feed on 6th Street to be quite helpful.

#8. Plants That are Beneficial to Pollinators and Wildlife

Many gardeners attempt to provide plants for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators. The more various plants are, the better they can withstand environmental changes.

Best of all, pollinators are stunningly attractive and exciting to observe. Adding plants that give pollen and nectar is an essential thing you can do to aid pollinators. You will also need to add a range of larval host plants for caterpillars if you want to attract and maintain butterflies.


We hope that these landscape design trends will give you a sense of what your area can accomplish for you, whether built for entertaining a crowd or simply resting with a good book.

If you need more information about the expert garden design or landscaping services in Sydney, please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to assist you.

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