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Best Flooring To Increase The Value Of Your Property

Flooring To Increase Property Value
February 16, 2022

What is the finest flooring for improving the value of your home? Please take a look at our flooring guide to learn more about the many types of flooring that will work best in your home. If you're planning to sell your home, there are several improvements you might have to make to increase its resale value.

From a new roof to improved kitchen worktops to adding new flooring to entice buyers in your neighbourhood, read on to learn about the finest flooring to boost property value and gain a greater return on your investment.

Maintain Consistency in Your Flooring

Today's house buyers want to see beautiful locations that exude quality before making an offer. This provides your home with a high-end look without the high price tag of hardwood.

It is also less expensive to install a luxury vinyl plank floor than installing tile or hardwood.

When you use the same type of flooring in each room, it creates a magnificent visual "flow." As a result, avoid combining materials like laminate and hardwood in the kitchen and living room.

Maintaining uniformity might show potential buyers that you care about the aesthetic of your home. It also provides a beautiful neutral palette for potential buyers to envision their furnishings after they move in.

Carpet Flooring Vs Laminate Flooring For Resale Value

The carpet was the standard in residential flooring for many years. From the viewpoint of new homeowners, this flooring style isn't as popular as it once was. If you choose a high-end carpet with a modest pile and a trendy neutral hue, your home will retain some resale value. On the other hand, new flooring trends make mats less popular.

Buyers over carpets prefer hard surface floors. You'll probably get a good return on your investment if you buy a high-quality laminate. Laminate is also reasonably priced, so you won't have to spend a large portion of your budget upfront.

Hardwood Is An Expensive Option

While new types of luxury laminate flooring are appealing, hardwood is the best flooring for increasing the value of a home. Hardwood, comprised of natural materials, has a lovely appearance in any home, old or new.

According to most real estate specialists, hardwood flooring provides an average return on investment of 70 to 80 per cent. If you live in a hot market, installing wood flooring can significantly increase the value of your home.

To match your decor, you can choose from several wood types. Wood, whether durable oak, appealing maple, or classic woods like hickory and walnut, always adds a great touch to any home.

If you're getting new hardwood flooring, choose a hue that's both trendy and neutral. Darker colour finishes make spaces feel closed-in, whereas lighter finishes make larger rooms.

Is Laminate The Best Flooring For Adding Value To Your Home?

Laminate can be a terrific alternative for you if you're looking to update your home on a budget. In recent years, this long-lasting flooring has improved both durability and appearance.

Wood-look laminate gives buyers the beauty of natural wood without the hassle of upkeep. Wood-look laminate is an enticing solution for families with pets or young children.

Laminate floors come in a variety of hues to match your decor. This flooring is also reasonably priced, so as long as the feet are in good shape, you should see an excellent return on your investment.

Laminate is trendy among busy people since it is simple to clean and maintain. Buyers may not detect the difference between laminate and hardwood at first glance if the laminate is of excellent quality.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring and Resale Value

Consider luxury vinyl plank flooring if you want something a little more sophisticated than laminate but less expensive than hardwood. Luxury vinyl plank floors can seem like natural wood with unique grain patterns and veining. This provides your home with a high-end look without the high price tag of hardwood.

It is also less expensive to install a luxury vinyl plank floor than installing tile or hardwood. It's simple to maintain and comes in a wide range of colours, styles, and manufacturers.

Today's home purchasers are searching for a perfect balance of beauty and ease of maintenance when it comes to their floors. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is an excellent choice if you want both economical and appealing.


It all comes down to the local market when it comes to picking the best flooring to improve home value. Hardwood will almost certainly provide you with the best return, but laminate and luxury vinyl plank flooring also have their advantages.

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