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Designing a Deck that Complements your Sydney Home’s Architecture

deck design
April 11, 2023

Deck designing is a critical aspect of home renovation that should never be overlooked. Not only does it enhance your home's architectural appeal, but it also increases the overall value of your property. If you're a homeowner in Sydney, Australia, looking to elevate your outdoor space, then you're in luck!

In this blog, we'll share tips from professional decking service providers considering various elements, such as layout, materials and lighting. You can take your outdoor space to the next level and enjoy your Sydney home to the fullest.

Understanding your Sydney home's Architecture

Understanding your home's architecture is essential to creating a beautiful and functional living space. Whether you're renovating or decorating, it's crucial to identify the style, materials, colors and features of your home's architecture to make it truly shine.

In this section, we'll take you through a detailed introspection format to help you understand your Sydney home's architecture and give it the attention it deserves.

Identify your Abode's architecture

The first step in recognizing the architecture is to identify your home's style. Sydney home comes in various styles, including Colonial, Victorian, Federation, Contemporary, and Modern.

Colonial Homes

They are typically characterized by symmetrical design, often featuring a central hallway with rooms on either side. These homes often come with a flat or low-pitched roof, timber-framed windows, and a verandah that wraps around the front of the house. Colonial homes are known for their elegant and timeless design.

Victorian Homes

A popular style of home in Australia, with intricate details and a grandiose appearance. Victorian homes are often considered by their decorative trims, steeply pitched roofs, and bay windows. These homes feature a combination of materials, including brick, stone, and timber, creating a striking and elegant façade.

Federation homes

Federation homes are renowned styles infamous during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They are often recognized by their ornate details, stained glass windows, and intricate ironwork. These homes usually have a gables roof and a large verandah, creating a welcoming and charming appearance.

Contemporary Homes

Relishing sleek modern looks, and the use of clean lines, Contemporary homes are well-known home designs featuring large open-living spaces and minimalist décor. These homes are revered for their sleek and stylish appearance, making them a primary choice for homeowners looking for a modern and functional living space.

Modern Homes

Modern homes are typically characterized by a mix of materials, including concrete, glass and steel. They are popular often featuring clean lines, flat roofs, and minimalist décor alongside an open-plan living space ideal for entertainment and activities.

Materials Used

The second step in understanding your home's architecture is by determining the materials used in the construction of the house. For instance, consider painting or rendering brick walls to create a more modern look if your home features brick walls. If your home features timber accents, you may want to highlight them using complementary material in your décor.


Colours play a vital role in your home's architecture, as they can enhance or detract from its overall appeal. Take note of the colours used in your home's exterior and interior design, and consider how you can incorporate these colours into your décor. For instance, if your home features a neutral colour palette, you can add pops of colour to your furnishing or décor accessories.


Features such as windows, doors, and roofing also contribute to your home's overall architecture. Take note of these features and consider how you can enhance them into converting a more cohesive and aesthetically appealing retrospect.

For instance, adding shutters to your windows can create a traditional look, while upgrading your roofing to a modern material like Colorbond can create a contemporary feel.

Once you've identified your home's architecture and features, it's time to make it pop, glam, and truly shine. For instance, adding a statement lighting fixture can create a luxurious ambience, while using sleek and modern furnishings can evolve a contemporary perspective. You may also want to consider adding unique and personalized touches, such as custom artwork or statement décor pieces, to make your home stand out truly.

Deck Design Tips: Complementing your Sydney Home's architecture

A deck design highlighting its beauty should complement your home's unique architecture. In this part, we will ponder some deck design tips to help you create a stunning outdoor space befitting your Sydney home's architecture.

Choosing Materials and Colors

When it comes to designing a deck, it's essential to choose materials and colours that mimic or complement the home's façade, landscaping and roof.

For instance, if your home has a modern design with clean lines and a neutral colour scheme, a sleek and straightforward deck made from materials like composite decking in shades of grey, white or black could be perfect.

If your home has a traditional design with warm, earthy colours, a wooden deck in natural hues of brown or red would complement it well.

Selecting a Deck Style and Layout

When you are selecting a deck style and layout, consider the proportions, shape, and angles of your home. A long, narrow home may benefit from a rectangular deck stretching towards the backyard. If your home has a unique shape, such as a triangular or circular footprint, consider designing a deck that mirrors the shape of your home for a cohesive look.

Adding Architectural Details

Consider adding architectural details or structures to your deck design to further complement your home's architecture. Balustrades can provide a touch of elegance while also providing safety, while a pergola can create shade and add dimension to the deck. Lighting is also essential to create an ambience and highlight the deck's architectural features.

Customizing Your Deck Design With Professional Services

Customizing your deck design can take time and effort. With so many options available, it's easy to get overwhelmed and end up with a plan that only partially meets your need or expectations. However, with the help of professional decking services, customizing your deck design can become a seamless and enjoyable experience.

How Homeowners can customize their Deck design

A customized deck design can be a versatile source of extending your home's impression. Professional decking services offer a range of options to help homeowners customize their deck designs. Here are some ways that homeowners can take advantage of these services.


Professional decking services can provide homeowners with a consultation to discuss their needs and preferences. During this consultation, the service provider can offer advice on the best materials, colours and design features to achieve the desired look and functionality of the deck.

Design Services

Many decking services offer design services to help homeowners create a customized deck design. These services can include 3D rendering, layout planning and other design tools to help homeowners visualize the final result and make informed decisions.

Material Selection

Decking service can provide homeowners with a range of material options to choose from, including wood, composite and PVC decking. The service provider can offer advice on the pros and cons of each material and help the homeowner choose the one that best suits their needs.


Professional decking services can stretch installation services to ensure the deck is installed correctly and meets all safety standards. This can help homeowners avoid the hassle of DIY installation and ensure their deck is built to last.

Integrate progressive Features and Enhancements

Technology has revolutionized the way we live, and it has also made its way into the world of outdoor living. Smart lighting, heating and sound systems can enhance the outdoor living experiences and create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is an excellent way to enhance the ambience of a deck and create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Intelligent lighting systems can be controlled through a smartphone app or voice-activated assistant, making it easy to adjust the lighting to suit the mood. Some famous pieces of smart lighting technology include LED strip lights, smart bulbs, and motion-activated lighting.

LED Strip Lights

  • They are flexible and can be installed in various locations, including under railings, steps, and benches.
  • They come in various colours, allowing homeowners to design a visually appealing deck.

Smart Bulbs

  • It can be controlled through a smartphone app or voice-activated assistant, allowing homeowners to control the ambience.
  • They come in versatile colour ranges and manifest an alluring ambience.


  • The light turns on as someone enters the area.
  • It is a great way to enhance the security of a deck by alerting homeowners of any potential intruders.

Smart Heating

Intelligent heating systems can extend outdoor living spaces by providing warmth during cooler months. Innovative heating systems can be controlled through a smartphone app or voice-activated assistant, making it easy to adjust the temperature befitting the weather.

Gas Fireplaces

  • Provides a warm and cosy, inviting atmosphere.
  • A versatile spectrum of choices, from traditional to modern, serving the freedom of choice that suits their deck design

Infrared Heaters

  • The efficient choice for deck heating is as they emit radiant heat that warms people and objects rather than the air.
  • They are energy-efficient and easily controlled with a smartphone app or voice assistant.

Electric Heater

  • Cost-effective choice for deck heating.
  • Easy to install and control.

Smart Sound

A smart sound system can enhance the outdoor living experience by providing high-quality sound that can be controlled through your smartphone. Some popular pieces of smart sound technology include wireless speakers, outdoor soundbars, and multi-room audio systems.

Professional Decking is a better solution to your DIY nightmare.

When it comes to building a deck, there are more options available. One popular choice is to tackle the project as a DIY endeavor. However, there are some advantages to hiring professional decking services that a DIY project cannot match.


One of the most significant advantages of hiring a professional decking service is their expertise. Professionals have years of experience in designing and constructing decks. They understand the nuances of the different materials, styles and layouts. They also have knowledge of local building codes and regulations, ensuring that your deck is safe and up to code. Professional deck builders can help you design a custom deck that is tailored to your needs, preferences and budget.


Professional deck builders are often able to offer creative solutions that DIY enthusiasts may not have considered. They have access to a wide range of materials and designs that can be used to create a unique and functional deck. Additionally, specialized deck builders can advise on the best way to incorporate features such as lighting, seating, and landscaping to create a cohesive outdoor living space.

Quality Craftmanship

Finally, professional decking services can provide quality craftsmanship that is difficult to achieve with a DIY project. Professional deck builders have access to high-quality materials and tools, and they have access to high-quality materials and tools, and they have the skills to use them effectively.

They are also able to ensure that the deck is structurally sound, safe and durable. Additionally, professional deck builders typically offer warranties on their work, providing peace of mind that your investment is protected.

In contrast, while DIY deck design may seem like an attractive option for those looking to save money, professional decking services offer many advantages that cannot be matched. From their expertise in design and construction to their creative solution and quality craftmanship, professional deck builders can help to create a beautiful and functional outdoor living space that you can enjoy for years to come.


In conclusion, designing your deck can significantly improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. As highlighted by professional decking service providers, the design of your deck is crucial in achieving a cohesive and visually pleasing look. From choosing suitable materials to considering the layout and functionality of the deck, every aspect of the design process matters.

If you're looking for a customized and tailored deck design service that can complement your Sydney home, don't hesitate to contact our company. With years of experience and an excellent portfolio of completed projects, we have the expertise to help you create the deck of your dreams. Let us work with you to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional extension of your home.    

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