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What is the Difference Between Level 2 Electrician and Normal Electrician?

Level 2 Electrician and Normal Electrician
October 17, 2022

Live electricity is dangerous, so you should never attempt to fix an electrical problem alone. You should employ a team of capable hands for anything from basic wiring to safety checks, connection problems, and anything in between.

But what if the task at hand demands more than the bare minimum? That is when you'll need a Level 2 electrician.

To help you with the best decision possible while dealing with your electrical problems, we'll examine the distinctions between an ordinary electrician and a level 2 electrician.

Ordinary Electrician or Level 1 Electrician

An ordinary electrician with level 1 training is qualified to work on overhead and underground lines connected to the electrical network. They have a license to operate on electricity distributing networks and are an Accredited Service Provider(ASP).

An electrician with level 1 certification can work in both residential and commercial buildings that have electricity networks. Overhead and underground cable networks can be connected to, installed, repaired, and maintained by these types of electricians.

Qualifications of a Level 1 Electrician

Generally speaking, a level one electrician can possess the following qualifications:
  • Class 1A - The electrician can work close to or on networks for overhead electrical systems. The work could include installing poles, stringing conductors, and building towers.
  • Class 2A - Level one electricians, can operate subsurface systems. Trench excavations, cable laying, duct laying, jointing cables, and substation construction are a few jobs performed by a Level 1 electrician.
  • Class 1C - In this class, an electrician works on underground cabling networks and uses exclusively Underground Polymeric.

What is a Level 2 Electrician?

An ASP Level 2 Electrician is qualified and trained to do the significant installation, servicing, and repairs on the overhead and underground service lines that connect your house to the public electrical grid.

In Sydney, a Level 2 electrician is qualified to perform electrical work on or close to Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy electrical service networks. In compliance with Australian Wiring Rules and Regulations, a Level 2 electrician manages metering equipment and live wire connections.

How Can You Get A Level 2 Electrician Qualification?

You can acquire your Level 2 electrician qualification in several steps. They are:

  • Completing your Electrical Contractors License(Electrical Apprenticeship)
  • Choosing your ASP class and the Level you'd like to work on.
  • Finding a level 2 ASP training close to you.
  • Applying for Accreditation.
  • Applying for Authorization.

What Does a Level 2 Electrician Do?

A Level 2 electrician is capable of the following:

Smart Metering

Electricians with Level 2 accreditation can set up smart meters that monitor energy consumption. Energy providers use these tools to determine how much to charge clients for their services.

Depending on the design arrangement of the property, a smart meter can be fitted indoors or outdoors.

Disconnection and Re-connection

Electricians with Level 2 accreditation can use overhead or underground lines to connect a customer's household to an electrical network.

Similarly, they can use their expertise to reconnect to restore a power source to a house or office complex. This work might be required while doing safety checks or updating the electrical system.

Power Upgrades

Electricians with a level 2 accreditation can upgrade single-phase domestic premises to three-phase installations.

This work entails altering the electrical system and requiring specialized equipment and knowledge. You may be able to produce more and support higher consumption levels with power upgrades.

Cable Repairs

Electricians with a Level 2 accreditation can fix cable damage brought on by adverse weather and high temperatures. The inner copper wires may go airborne due to such corrosion, posing several possible dangers. To securely handle these issues, hiring qualified professionals is always best.

Meter Installation

Power meter installation is authorized and licensed by level 2 electricians. Every home and commercial property needs a power meter since it is a device that lets you monitor your power usage and invoicing.

Overhead and Underground Power Supply

One way to transport electric electricity is by installing an overhead or subsurface power supply. Both have upsides and downsides, and one may be preferred over the other based on your property's location, among other things.

While cables for overhead power must be installed on poles, those for underground power must be buried underground. This kind of work can be done by level 2 electricians, who can also be hired to replace damaged electric poles or cables.

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