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Does Laminate Flooring Scratch Easily

Does Laminate Flooring Scratch Easily
January 10, 2022

Because of its durability, laminate flooring is the most popular choice among homeowners. As long as you take adequate care of your laminate flooring, it will not scratch.

It's critical to devote time to maintaining your flooring and preventing dirt from accumulating on the surface, which will dull your floor over time. The most common reasons for laminate flooring scratching, as well as what you can do about it, are listed below.

Common Reasons That Can Scratch Your Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for pet owners. If you're afraid about your huge furry buddy scratching the floor, don't be. Laminate flooring is scratch-resistant.

When it comes to pet mishaps, though, make sure you have a spill kit on hand. If wet spills are left too long, moisture can leak into the laminate flooring's locking mechanism, causing it to collapse or distort.


Laminate flooring is relatively forgiving of most types of furniture. Use felt pads to protect your floor if you have a table that moves a lot, such as dining room chairs. If your couches and other stationary chairs are likely to be pushed around, you may wish to put felt pads to the bottoms of them.

If you have a rolling office chair, you should get a plastic mat under it to not roll on top of the laminate. It is always preferable to lift and transport furniture rather than dragging it across the floor. Deep scratches could result in any mud or grit beneath the legs of the thing you're moving.

Shoes and Everyday Traffic

Shoes and everyday traffic are not a problem for laminate flooring. Choose a laminate flooring with an AC rating of AC4 or AC5 if your space will see a lot of foot activity, such as an entryway. These laminates with higher ratings will withstand the commotion better than laminates with lower ratings.

How Can You Fix Laminate Floor Scratches?

So, what do you do if you move a piece of furniture and scrape your floor? Scratches on laminate can be repaired, but it depends on the damage's colour and depth. Floor colour fillers come in small tubes that can be purchased online, but be sure to select a shade that matches your flooring. If the scratch is minor, this technique usually works.

When you first install a couple of additional floorboards is a great idea. These can be used to replace damaged boards that have accumulated over time. The products for sale vary frequently, and the one you used may no longer be available in the future, so having a few spares on hand is a good idea.

Some customers come to us to choose to floor for a specific room, to install laminate in other house areas later. Despite the higher initial cost, we recommend that they acquire all of the floorings they'll need in the future and store it until they're ready.

Trends, coatings, and product lines evolve. You want your home's floors to look uniform, and we can't guarantee that the same product will still be available when you return to finish the job.

Cleaning Can Fix the Scratches on Your Home's Laminate Flooring

It's also critical not to clean your floor with any harsh chemicals. Many customers ask if there is a substance they can apply on the surface of their laminate to make it truly shine. You can't, of course. That's all there is to it.

Even if you have a lovely laminate floor, if you want a genuinely glossy, high-gloss look, you'll need to consider engineered wood, which you may stain to your desired effect.

We don't want to use any chemicals on the top laminate flooring layers because they aren't necessary. The technology and materials required to deliver a high level of protection are currently available.

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