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Don’t Be Scared To Use Bold Colours of Flooring

Flooring Bold Colors
January 26, 2022

It can be challenging to balance between what colours and designs to invest in to follow the latest home design trends actively. Every year, so many eye-catching colours and textures become increasingly fashionable that it's difficult not to use them all! Starting with your room's physical foundation: your excellent flooring is a great place to start choosing your home decor colour palette.

If you're in the market for new flooring, consider which will help you capture your preferred mood or will be versatile enough to fit numerous other schemes in the future. You may also use your existing flooring to complement your chosen trending colour palette significantly and subtly.

Here are a few of our favourite colour combinations that are sure to please:

Bold Colours to Use for Flooring

Today in this article, we have enlisted a few colours that will be suitable for your house's flooring. They are:

  • Inspired Colour Palettes
  • Rich Hardwood Beauty
  • Airy Aesthetics
  • Navigating neutrals
  • Carpet Colour

Inspired Colour Palettes

Delicate shades are expected to become more prevalent in 2022 to bring in more light. Many flooring and paint choices will create peace and calm while also giving existing spaces a new lease on life.

Whether used to contrast darker coloured flooring, neutral grey walls, or crisp white trim, pastel shades of yellow, pink, baby blue, and mint green will thrive.

Rich Hardwood Beauty

A pastel colour palette can animate the space when it comes to darker wood flooring hues. This holds for any hard surface, including wood-look LVT and tile.

Walls painted in light pink, mint green, or just one wall will be bright but not overpowering. If you don't want to re-paint, you can add these balanced tones with an upholstered chair, throw cushions, or drapes.

Airy Aesthetics

White, whitewashed, or light grey-coloured wood flooring is a terrific foundation for any space. Is there plenty of natural light in your room? Take advantage of the brightness. You'll have a fantastic combination if you paint your walls white, off-white, pastel yellow, or pastel pink to create an ethereal ambience.

Try painting the top half of your wall with your favourite pastel and the bottom half with a darker, saturated complementary hue for an ombre effect.

If you go with a neutral-coloured wood style, you'll be more versatile in the long run when it comes to matching colour trends. This colour will work well with both deep hues and pastels.

Bold, bright accessories, such as eye-catching artwork, a brilliant vase, or other stunning decorative objects, can transform the room.

Carpet Colour

Use the newest technical developments to your advantage if you enjoy the warm texture and complete comfort that a cosy carpet provides. Mohawk SmartStrand ColorMax carpet employs multi-tonal yarn for magnificent blends that effortlessly mix with practically any décor, shade, and other flooring types in the home, in addition to brilliant carpet colours and remarkable clarity.

These adaptable yarns also go with a large selection of paint samples, making wall colour coordination even more accessible. ColorMax blends are specifically developed to enhance the natural colour differences found in stone and wood floors to match the rest of the hard surfaces in your home.


It all comes down to keeping loyal to yourself and the vision you have for your home in the end. When coming up with fresh colour combinations, don't be scared to think beyond the box. Your next design refresh may be your most preferred colour scheme ever!

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