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8mm Hybrid Flooring


8mm Hybrid Flooring in Australia: Many large retail businesses and contractors who work on large-scale projects utilize 8mm laminate flooring with a medium density fibre (MDF) core. It's simply a mass-market item that is well-liked.

Characteristics of 8mm Hybrid Flooring Australia

You'll find high-density fibreboard substrate laminate flooring in an 8 mm thickness. 8mm has a high density and appears thin, yet has a high thermal conductivity rate.

The average density of 8mm laminate flooring is 850kg/m3, with a U-shaped density curve. That means the face and bottom thickness is significantly higher than the density in the middle.

Some companies produced a multi-class thicker than 8mm floor, such as solid wood flooring, etc., via ongoing innovation to suit consumers' expectations. The surface density is around 1100kg/m3, and the core density is about 850kg/m3; thus, the average density will be higher than 850kg/m3.

What are the Possible Risks of Installing 8mm Hybrid Flooring?

Many customers come to us seeking flooring that matches what they've seen in a store or office around Australia. On the surface, it appears terrific, and they want the same aesthetic in their home. The issue is that beneath the lovely colour on the top layer comes a low-density fill that isn't suited to the task. It's a low-cost item disguised to appear more expensive.

High-density fibre (HDF) products are superior to MDF flooring. The border on 8mm MDF flooring is thin. The issue here is that the boards are connected using a click method. 8mm boards' bevelled edges tend to lift over time.

They're not as stable as HDF floors, and traffic on the boards causes a lot of movement. The flooring always looks lovely when it's first installed, but we encounter a lot of clients who later regret their decision because they realize it's not as good as HDF flooring.

MDF has several other uses – it's commonly used for kitchen cabinetry – but you want more durable flooring. I'll explain why in greater detail later. The pressure in the HDF board is around 800 kg per cubic metre.

MDF has much lower pressure. This has an effect on the durability as well as the acoustic properties. It doesn't absorb sound and other materials, making it louder to walk on. Most flats have decibel restrictions for flooring, and MDF does not exceed such criteria.

Things to Look while Installing 8mm Hybrid Flooring in Australia

If you're renovating, find out what decibel levels your body corporate requires for the flooring. At All In One Renovations, we can also advise you on Australian construction codes so that you comply with them. HDF flooring has excellent acoustic properties, but what's more significant is the exceptional quality they provide.

Don't be tempted to save money by installing floors made of 8mm MDF. You can typically find them for a reasonable price at a clearance centre, but they won't last as long as you'd like. You want to do everything correctly the first time.

We've seen 8mm MDF used in construction projects that begin to lift after six to twelve months. It's not worth taking the chance. Cheap isn't necessarily the best, as the adage goes. This is unquestionably related to flooring.

When should you use 8mm Hybrid Flooring?

However, there are a few instances where 8mm laminate is appropriate. For example, if an older person lives in a home, they require an even floor with no lips or height changes from one room to the next. You can't take the chance of them tripping and falling. A 12mm product may be too thick to ensure a smooth transition from one area to the next.

We've also noticed that 8mm works well with certain cabinetry styles in kitchens. You may need to use 8mm boards if you have a waterfall bench that isn't squared off at the end because there isn't much area to manoeuvre beneath the bench.

What you choose in the end is determined by the jigsaw puzzle of the remodelling or construction. Even if you need to utilize an 8mm product, we recommend one with an HDF core rather than an MDF core.

Laminate flooring of an 8mm thickness is suitable for residential and commercial applications; it is sturdy and resistant, has a low VOC content, and the substrate density is sufficient to sustain the flooring.

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