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A Complete Guide To Having A Better Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting
November 1, 2021

Bathrooms used to be completely functional spaces that only served hygiene purposes. The modern bathroom has grown from its original role into a multifunctional space where we enjoy spending our time. Bathrooms have evolved into an in-home refuge that needs sufficient illumination, whether we're getting ready in the morning or pampering ourselves at night.

When it comes to bathroom lighting, one of the most common mistakes is not selecting enough of it. Adding layers and different fixtures with varied purposes is the best approach to bathroom lighting. Installing lights for your vanity mirror, bathtub, ceiling, and shower will work together to create the perfect bathroom atmosphere.

What Kind of Lighting Do You Require?

Your bathroom's lighting scheme should ideally strive to imitate daylight. Natural light sources, such as a skylight or a window, are the simplest and most cost-effective approaches to do this.

These easy modifications can also help you save money on your electricity bill. If you have natural light available, a daytime toilet trip followed by a hand wash shouldn't necessitate artificial light.

Electrical fixtures should offer enough light for safe and comfortable bathroom use in the absence of natural illumination. Your bathroom lighting should, first and foremost, be functional. Adding various lighting fixtures to the bathroom can help, allowing you to see well during every activity.

Which Bathroom Light Is Right for You?

When creating the right amount of illumination, placement and bulb selection are more critical than fixture count. There are a variety of various fixture styles to pick from, each with its distinct effect.


These fixtures, as their name implies, direct light downward. This can cast shadows on your face, so it's not the best alternative to using mirrors. They are, nevertheless, compelling and emit a great deal of light. They can be put close to the mirrors and tilted to reflect light onto your face.

Heat Lamps

For those chilly winter mornings, bathroom warming lights are a game-changer. Their heat feature provides a bright light source and produces a pleasant and inviting environment to get ready for the day.

The only disadvantage of these lighting alternatives is that they consume a lot of electricity. Because the heating element consumes so much energy, turning it off unless necessary is preferable.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are great for giving a room depth and warmth. They can serve as a focal point in your bathroom and go with a variety of design styles.

When it comes to style, these lighting fixtures are pretty adaptable. Glass, chrome, metal, timber, and stone are among the design materials available. This makes picking the ideal style to compliment your bathroom's decor a breeze.

Lighting Sconces

Sconces are another versatile lighting option that comes in various colours and patterns to match any bathroom theme. Whether you want a more rustic bathroom or an ultra-modern look lighting style, these are a terrific alternative.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Installing a light source beneath your bathroom cabinets that are uniformly distributed helps remove shadows and create an atmosphere. They can provide more focused illumination under challenging locations and make your bathroom look more fashionable and modern.

Diffuse Ceiling Lights

These fixtures are a simple alternative for lighting bathrooms with white or pale walls. Install a spherical bathroom ceiling light in the room's centre to distribute light evenly.

Light Bulb Colors: Warm or Cool?

It's all about personal choices and tastes when it comes to choosing between warm and cool-toned bulbs. If your bathroom's colour scheme is predominantly white, though, cool-toned LED bulbs may give off a clinical vibe. Warmer toned LED light bulbs are recommended to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Another factor to consider is colour rendering. This refers to how colours seem in different lighting. Most LEDs are good at illuminating green, blue, and yellow colours, but they don't perform well with reds. To avoid this, seek LEDs with a high colour rendering.

These will help bring elements closer to their actual colour, which is especially crucial for accurately representing skin tones in the bathroom vanity mirror.

With Vanity Lights, Function Comes First

The most crucial consideration in bathroom lighting around your vanity is functionality. When used for shaving, applying makeup, or washing your skin, this lighting must illuminate your face correctly.

There are several options for creating a functional lighting space around your vanity, such as:

  • wall lights on sides and above of the mirror
  • pendant lights on one or both sides of the mirror
  • mirror with ring light

Remember to construct lighting that completely covers the face rather than casting directed shadows, no matter which vanity lights you use. Downlights, as previously indicated, are attractive, but they also generate harsh downward shadows that distort facial features. Similarly, backlit mirrors may appear modern and stylish, but they do not provide a direct light source.

What About Lighting in the Bath and Shower?

Two of the most excellent bathroom features couldn't be overlooked. To improve your bathing experience, both your bathtub and shower can have their dedicated light source.

We recommend a recessed or dome ceiling light with trim for a shower. While the shower is in use, these fixtures are designed to prevent moisture from entering the fixture. When looking for this, seek lights that are designed exclusively for use in the shower.

You could wish to add mood lighting to your bath and shower facilities as well. Various lighting items are available for this purpose, including fixtures specifically constructed with LEDs to throw various colours for multiple uses. Some showerheads have LED mood lighting built-in.

Add Some Personality

When it comes to bathroom lighting, don't be scared to be imaginative. There are dozens of distinctive fixture selections or finishes to offer the perfect touch of sophistication, whether you have a modern or traditional décor style.

To add style and personality, choose rustic bathroom light fixtures. For a more refined look, hang a gorgeous chandelier. You may also add a dimmer switch to create a restful and pleasant ambience at the end of the day.

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