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Reasons To Choose Marble Floor Tiling

Reasons To Choose Marble Floor Tiling
December 3, 2021

Like any other remodelling, retiring your living room floor is a significant endeavour, both monetarily and in terms of the disturbance, however temporary, it will bring to your lifestyle.

As a result, to avoid performing the task again, we recommend researching and reviewing the many types of tiles on the market.

Which is better; Marble Tiles or Marble Slab?

The manufacturing method is one of the primary distinctions between marble slabs and marble tiles. Natural marble slabs are collected in their natural state from quarries and cut into the appropriate sizes. In contrast, marble tiles are artificial and undergo specific procedures before being cut to their final forms.

The grade of genuine marble slabs varies greatly depending on the quarries from which they are taken. On the other hand, Marble tiles have a consistent quality and texture due to a predetermined manufacturing method.

Marble tiles are highly durable and retain their gleaming lustre even after years of use. They also absorb less water, which increases their longevity. On the other hand, Marble slabs are more porous, making them more prone to damage and less long-lasting than marble tiles.

Why do you need marble tiles in your living room?

Marble tiles have shown time and again to be a fantastic alternative for living room flooring in our expertise working with builders and home renovators like yourself for over ten years.

This post will discuss why we believe they are the most excellent option for most residential homes in Australia.

If you enjoy the idea of putting marble flooring but aren't sure if it's the best option for your living room, consider the following benefits:

#1. Beauty

There is no disputing marble is one of the most attractive natural stone pavers used for flooring in Australian homes. It has also been utilized in many major construction projects throughout the ages, including all of Rome's buildings that have undergone the test of time. Marble tiles are an excellent choice if you want to turn your living room into an attractive place that your guests will admire.

#2. Eco-friendly

If you are agitated about the environment, you can rest assured that picking marble tiles for flooring your living room is an eco-friendly option because no chemical procedures are used in the manufacturing process.

Synthetic flooring, on the other hand, produce hazardous fumes and toxic waste throughout the manufacturing process. Timber flooring is also potentially detrimental to the environment unless it is made from renewable or recycled wood.

#3. Easy to Shine

Marble tiles can be polished like no other natural stone paver, and when polished to a high gloss level, they positively shine. While this finish is not recommended for families with small children since it makes the floor excessively slippery, it is ideal for adult-only living rooms.

#4. Easy to maintain

Marble tiles are quite simple to maintain and maybe cleaned in the same manner as any other form of hard flooring. Just ensure there is no standing water on the stone. Because it is a porous stone, prolonged contact with water can cause discolouration and damage.

Some individuals believe that marble tiling should be sealed in this case. Others, on the other hand, there's a debate that it isn't essential.

A highly polished marble floor, in our experience, is pretty stain-resistant; therefore, sealing is not required. We recommend protecting your new tiles once a year if you are concerned about spilt liquids staining them.

#5. Durable

As a thick natural stone, Marble is appropriate for high usage areas such as bustling family living rooms. It has been utilized in many historic structures and has withstood the test of time, so you can be confident that with simple attention and care, it will outlast your home.

#6. High Thermal Mass

Marble has a high thermal mass, absorbing considerable heat before its interior temperature rises much.

As a result, in regions of Australia where summer temperatures may be harsh, marble tiles for living room flooring are a popular choice. When the temperature outside is rising, having a cool floor underfoot is a welcome treat.

#7. Reflects Light

One of the reasons marble has ageless appeal is because of its light-reflecting properties. As a result, marble creates a feeling of space while also making rooms appear brighter. One of the primary reasons many people select light-coloured marble tiles for their houses is this.


Marble tiles are one of the most frequented and popular types of flooring. This is because marble has a variety of benefits. It has a lovely appearance, is tough and resistant to breaking, is an excellent insulator, and reflects light.

Marble tiles may be utilized in every room and are also reasonably priced. While fake marble tiles might resemble genuine marble in appearance and feel, they do not provide these advantages. This article should be enough to convince you to utilize marble tiles in your home.

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