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Grey Timber Flooring How to Style It?

Style Grey Timber Flooring
November 29, 2021

Grey Timber Flooring in Australia

Timber flooring is amongst the most popular types of flooring in the world. Timber has been used as a solid foundational element in constructing attractive rooms and places and as a diverse and long-lasting flooring choice with a high value, ranging from light honey tones and warm cherry tints to chocolate depths.

However, as time passes, fashion trends shift, and new interior design concepts arise. Grey timber flooring has recently taken the globe by storm; here's how to customize this gorgeous timber colour for your house or company!

Basics of Grey

Please take a quick glance at the most recent design inspirations, whether they're newly built residences in posh neighbourhoods, famous estates, or even creative eateries or office spaces.

Grey tones have made their impact on interior design in recent years, gradually but steadily becoming just as crucial as creams and off-whites as a basic tint. Grey, an easy neutral, is an excellent base colour for any area due to its adaptability.

Grey timber flooring can suit a wide range of home design styles, especially with over fifty colours of grey to pick from. This neutrality aids grey flooring in maintaining equilibrium, whether you're going for a bold colour scheme or wish to grab attention with eccentric art pieces.

Architects, interior designers, and homeowners have gravitated to various colour schemes, ranging from grey-tinged whites to matte greys to even more profound, bolder grey colours, to give a lovely foundation for stunning spaces.

Whether you have laminate or hardwood flooring, the undertones of the wood are what bring the floors to life. Choose undertones like yellow, red, blue, green, and brown to inspire diverse emotions in any environment.

Flooring with yellows, browns, and beige undertones exudes a warm and inviting attitude, whereas flooring with blues and greens as undertones makes any area appear contemporary and chill.

Don't forget that the darkness and lightness of the flooring also influence how the space seems, with light grey floors evoking an expansive atmosphere and darker greys accentuating a modern, almost private vibe.

It's no surprise that grey wood flooring is a terrific place to start, no matter what your interior design goals are for your home.

Natural, Earthy Styles

Do you like plants? Do you want to bring the freshness and beauty of the outdoors inside your home?

Natural interior design ideas have made a resurgence, with wood being a significant component in timber flooring and planter boxes, furniture, and many bric-a-brac.

Grey timber floors accompanied with beige undertones, such as light grey European oak flooring, compliment natural, earthy interior ideas wonderfully without clashing with the rest of the space.

Bright flashes of green, from plants to bamboo furniture, benefit relaxing, rustic interiors, and solid grey oak is a perfect canvas for your interior ideas.

To create a luxuriant area with grey hardwood floors, use grey-based whites and cream-coloured blankets, sofas, and paintings, as well as a variety of organic textures and natural characteristics.

Soft & Inviting

Grey flooring created from natural timber looks fantastic with blush or pastel pinks and rose gold or yellow gold metallic accents if you want luxury that is still comfortable and friendly.

High-fashion interior designers have recently used these colour palettes to create contemporary interiors that exude comfort and flair. Pink, gold, and light grey natural wood flooring is an undeniably eye-catching colour scheme.

Bold & Bright

Are you looking for eye-catching interiors? Grey flooring is the ideal foundation for bringing any area to life. Whether you're looking for greens, bright pinks, tiling, or funky furniture, teals, or even bold accent walls, neutral flooring makes complete sense, not only because it's easy to match with the bright and bold colours without being overpowering but also because it's also the ideal starting point for a homeowner to design to your heart's content.

Want classic aesthetics with brilliant oranges and vintage-inspired pieces? Or perhaps you want to create your unique design, complete with personalized cabinets and one-of-a-kind furnishings. Soft grey carpet combines nicely with bold, vibrant colours in every space, regardless of style.

Some Easy Tips

Use your colour wheel to determine which colours match your interior design colours – this is especially important when designing grey flooring with varying undertones.

The red-grey carpet, for example, appears warm and inviting with pink and cream accents in the design. With gold and brown accents, blue-grey flooring seems friendly and energetic.

If you prefer a more neutral aesthetic, or if you want to include blacks or whites into your design, use dark or brown-grey flooring. Otherwise, light grey flooring complements creams and beige and warm colours and silver tones if you're going for an industrial style.

Remember to take adequate care and upkeep of your timber floors as well. Reasonable care is required whether you have solid hardwood, engineered wood, or hybrid flooring.

Any wood flooring can develop scratches on the top layer over time. Still, a simple maintenance plan can go a long way toward extending the beauty of your flooring for future generations.

Do you like the look of grey wood floors?

Please speak with our helpful staff now! With years of expertise in the wood floor business, we'll help you locate the correct product information, tell you about the commercial warranty choices, and go the extra mile to help you narrow down your perfect flooring from our wide variety of possibilities.

And because our engineered timber flooring is constructed from natural European oak, it is not only an ecologically responsible floor solution, but it also functions very well in high traffic areas; you can rest easy knowing you're investing in the best flooring for years to come.

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