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The Best Hardwood Floor Color for Resale

Hardwood Floor Color for Resale
May 8, 2022

When calculating the market value with hardwood flooring, choosing one of the colour spectrum's highs or lows is advisable.

The price will be determined by the wood's colours and tones and its ability to withstand the test of time. Certain hardwood floor kinds are classic and will last longer than others, resulting in a higher resale value.

When choosing wood hues, there are a few other factors to consider. These factors include the home's design, whether you're attempting to repair older or damaged wood or restoring or covering naturally redwood.

The following are the most excellent options for choosing the best colour for hardwood floors:

Dark Stained Hardwood

When it comes to overall popularity and resale value, dark stained hardwood flooring is the most superb option.

Espresso, antique brown, and dark walnut are some of the best dark stains for wood. Because they don't have a yellow or orange tint, these darker colours frequently allow more colour combinations.

This, on the other hand, lends itself to both more affluent warmer hues with darker brown tones and cooler tones with a darker, more striking black, brown wood colour. The darker the floors, the more sophisticated and wealthy the environment appears.

Here are some of our favorite paint colours for dark wood flooring.

Light Hardwood

The delicate light wood tone is on the opposite end of the range. When utilizing light hardwood, you should avoid adding any dyes and instead let the wood speak for itself. However, this can only be done with certain types of wood.

When choosing the colour, the wood species must be considered; switching to a pale tint is nearly impossible if the wood is inherently red.

When going light is an option, it's also important to remember that the wood doesn't turn yellow. This can be accomplished by employing the appropriate strippers and sealers.

The light pale wood provides the space with an open and cheerful appearance that purchasers find appealing.

What Hardwood Floor Colors Should You Avoid If You Want To Sell Your House?

With a few hues stated above that are the best in terms of resale value, you may not be able to attain that colour all of the time.

After you've ticked those off your list, there are a few more things to consider. These are colours that depreciate the value of your home or make it difficult to sell.

Yellow And Orange Hardwood

Yellow and orange hardwood flooring is an out-of-style choice. This is problematic because the colour is complicated to erase or hide once applied. If you ever wish to change this hue, you'll have to cover it with dark paint.

Black Hardwood

While black hardwood flooring might be incredibly classy, it is not for most purchasers. Black stain, like the previously described orange colour, will be tough to restain or cover if needed.

Furthermore, black attracts a lot of dust and is tough to clean. It can also make the space feel dark if too much of it. For a potential buyer, they might be big turnoffs.

Most Trendy Hardwood Colours

While some hues are suitable for resale, others are the most trendy.

One might wonder why these hues aren't the same. Colours that are popular now may not be easy to mix with or popular when a home is ready to sell in a few years.

They also limit the number of people who might want to buy the house if they aren't into the latest trends; typically, only about 20% of purchasers are interested in the current trending finishes.

Two of the most common hardwood flooring hues are listed here.

Gray Hardwood

Gray is popular because it gives the room a light, airy atmosphere. This looks best with an all-grey colour scheme.

Grey walls, tiles, hardwood, and other neutral accessories, such as blacks and whites, work well with grey hardwood flooring. As a result, it can be not easy to match with warm hues or anything else that is wood or brown.

White Washed Wood

Whitewashed wood is a tremendously hot style right now, and it has lately been applied on floors. This gives off a wonderful, rustic, farmhouse vibe, which is high demand.

This is a tough hue to achieve since whitewashing a vast area, such as an entire floor, is a demanding task. Compared to a standard stain, the shade is also challenging to obtain.

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