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The Best Paint Colors for Dark Hardwood Floors  

Paint Colors for Dark Hardwood Floors
May 12, 2022

Dark wood flooring has always been and continues to be a popular choice in houses. The flooring choice is followed by the will of painting colours to match. Fortunately, there aren't many incorrect choices for dark wood, as it is pretty neutral.

The only thing you need to understand is what kind of tone you want to set for the space: relaxed, fun, light, and airy, or heavier, cosier, warmer, and more sophisticated. This illustrates the colour palette you should think about.

Colours That Match Dark Hardwood Flooring

Here we have prepared a list of colours to match your dark hardwood flooring. They are:

  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Gray
  4. Beige
  5. Greige


Going full colour on the walls is a dramatic option, but by going with a calmer, milder green, such as Haven, you may prevent the paint from slapping you in the face when you come in and acquire a soothing feeling.

Another alternative, depending on the space, is to utilize the green colour as one or two accent walls.

Picking blues or a warm contrasting hue, or even a darker version of the green walls, may make them pop and offer some excitement to the area. The colour on the wall combining the furniture and finishes can be entertaining.


It's vital not to go overboard with colour, as we saw with the green. Respite is a soothing light blue that complements the dark wood while brightening the atmosphere.

It's vital not to choose anything dark with dark wood because the room will appear cramped and uninviting.

Choosing contrasting or complementary colours to the fabrics and finishes in the area can bring the last needed thing to a room, similar to the green hue on the wall.

Because the walls absorb the colour, keeping the rest of the finishes neutral is good.


Gray allows you to appreciate the calm and trendy vibes. Using a neutral wall will enable you to incorporate colourful blues, greens, and purples into accent finishes and fabrics while maintaining the neutral wall's structure.

For many contemporary kitchens, grey wall paint is a common choice. This dark-wood-floored kitchen uses a variety of hues to create exciting contrast and character in its design.


Beige is a colour that evokes thoughts of warmth and cosiness. Using a neutral wall allows you to employ reds, yellows, oranges, and brighter, warmer hues, without dominating the room.

For many years, beige has been the go-to neutral colour for interior designers, and we don't expect it to go out of vogue anytime soon.


The most excellent part about greige is that it's a blend of grey and beige, which means it goes with almost anything. This will go with any colour flooring, regardless of the wood's undertone.

The greige colour seems more beige if it is redder or browner. It seems greyer if it has a grey or black undertone. This also applies to furniture finishes, allowing you the option to enhance the room while keeping the walls neutral.

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